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Contrary to believe healthy nails are achievable by having a manicure regularly. Weak or broken nails can be treated by the ibx treatment gel. You will need a course of treatments depending on the condition of the nails. This can be applied under your normal polish or gel polish, which will strengthen and promote nail growth, returning them to healthy strong nails.

Ibx treatment initial                       £10
Repeat treatment                            £7
Express manicure                           £15
Luxury manicure                            £25
File & polish                                     £10
Gel polish                                          £15
Gel extensions                                 £25

Hard working hands deserve some TLC, this can be achieved by having a luxury manicure. Paraffin wax and heated mitts are applied, file & polish, super food hand therapy cream massage completes your luxury manicure.

Gel polish
Next generation technology today: forget layers,  smart polish is all in one step taking nails to the next level, a choice of fabulous colours available and the latest in removal pouches.
These amazing little pouches fit closely over each finger, causing no damage to your nails. And only 10 mins.

Other gel polishes available are :

Also available are gel overlays ~ £25.

This treatment will strengthen your nails and you can choose either gel polish or normal polish, allowing you to change the colour whenever you wish.

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